Papers and Submissions

Papers and Submissions that I have written or edited include:

Adding An Adaptable HLA Interface To DICE, Lessons Learnt, paper presented to SimTecT 2001.
Time Management in Distributed Simulation Models, paper presented to SimTecT '99
2 August 1999
Presentation on "Government should lift crypto export controls and repeal Net Censorship Legislation" to the Government Forum of Internet World Australia '99
8 April 1999
International Cryptography Campaign 1998, paper for Computers, Freedom and Privacy '99
27 January 1998
GILC Member Statement on "Human Rights and the Internet"
30 November 1997
Diatribe against "Self-Regulation"
16 July 1997
Comments on DCA proposals for Australian Content Regulation
19 February 1996
Submission to ABA Investigation
29 September 1995
ACS/EFA JTF Submission to Senate Select Committee on Community Standards
28 August 1995
EFA response to "Consultation Paper"
Circa August 1995
ACS/EFA Joint Task Force response to "Consultation Paper"


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