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Extensive exprience in using and supporting the use of the following products:

CRM-CTT is a web based Customer Relationship Management / Customer Tracking Tool for tracking "entities" that is suitable for any department, business or organisation, in which stock items, support requests, orders or anything else comes in, must be handled, and goes out. CRM-CTT is written in PHP/MySQL. It is highly configurable and "entities" can be anything such as support tickets or plant hire records.
CRM-CTT creates management summaries, PDF status reports and lots more. Due to being confgurable and open source, CRM-CTT can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.
PPWizard is a free generic text manipulation tool which most people use as a html preprocessor written in REXX/Regina.
PPWizard allows large websites to be built and maintained with minimal effort required to keep them consistent. Using conventional tools there are many items that can easily become inconsistent across a large website such as page layout, email addresses and the layout of e-commerce forms. Using PPWizard these common elements can be kept in a single place. When these elements are changed, the change is reproduced on every page on the website.
WENOST, short for Web Node Structure, is an open source tool written by Dr Baker in Python.
Wenost is designed to simplify hand construction and maintenance of larger websites. By converting a description of the structure of a website into a set of files for use with PPWizard (see above) it can eliminate the possibility of inconsistencies appearing in navigation links across the website.
Several sites, including www.frickers.co.uk, www.csem.org.uk and wenost.sourceforge.net have been constructed using wenost.


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